Western Hemisphere Flyways Case Study

17 April 2014 Published in News & Events

The Western Hemisphere Flyways and Linking Communities, Wetlands, and Migratory Birds case study described here is an interesting approach to range–wide migratory bird conservation.

Utah Kennecott Copper Company's investment in wetland restoration as part of an environmental offset requirement and company initiative was the genesis for an extensive conservation initiative in the Western Hemisphere. Kennecott's Inland Sea Shorebird Reserve is the result of their wetland restoration project. It has been designated as an Important Bird Area by National Audubon and BirdLife International.

The story doesn't end here; Kennecott chose to protect their investment of habitat for migratory birds by contributing to the Birdlife International–Rio Tinto Partnership and the Linking Communities program. They did this by supporting migratory bird habitat conservation at other sites throughout the Americas. These sites support the same migratory birds that breed at and migrate through the Great Salt Lake Ecosystem.

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