Linking Communities Gets a Big Boost from Rio Tinto and BirdLife International

16 May 2012 Published in News & Events

The Linking project has received a $70,000 grant from the Rio Tinto – BirdLife International Partnership Action Fund to support its tri-national efforts.
The funding is part of a larger program that Rio Tinto-BirdLife is starting to advance range-wide bird conservation in the Western Hemisphere through local community action associated with sites of significant importance to migratory and resident birds.
The Utah-based Rio Tinto business, Kennecott Utah Copper is a major partner in this effort. They are committed to assist with habitat protection in the Great Salt Lake — a key migratory bird habitat in the Americas.
Jonathan Stacey, BirdLife Director for the Western Hemisphere Flyways Program, said the project will commit a total of $130,000 in 2009. Part of that money will go toward support for the Linking program, and part will be spent on extending a program modeled on Linking into several South American countries.
“We feel able to proceed with what we believe to be a groundbreaking initiative that has, at its foundation, long established experience of linked community-based migratory bird conservation and education,” said Stacey. “The Linking Communities program will play a major part in extending this initiative throughout the Americas.”

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