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American Avocets--Ambassadors of the Intermountain West

11 March 2015 Published in News & Events
Our very own John Cavitt, chair of Linking's Conservation Committee, highlighted American avocets in the intermountain west and their role in linking communities throughout North America.  Read his article here. Updates December 22, 2015 Two former exchange students from Mexico, sponsered in part by Linking, decided to go find the avocet…

Science Friday Highlights Rosalie Winard

27 October 2014 Published in News & Events
American Avocet photos by Rosalie Winard make Picture of the Week on Science Friday's website.   Over half of all American Avocets visit Great Salt Lake, Utah every year during migration, and Winard uniquely captures just a few of these elegant birds on infrared film. Two of the photos show…

Exchange Student from Argentina Studying Wilson's Phalaropes

27 October 2014 Published in News & Events
Marcela Castellino is an exchange student from Argentina who is studying the local movements of Wilson's Phalaropes at Great Salt Lake, Utah and in her home country at Mar Chaquita Lake.  Under the direction of Dr. John Cavitt at Weber State University, Castellino began her research at Great Salt Lake in the…

10th Biennial Great Salt Lake Issues Forum

30 September 2014 Published in News & Events
Linking Communities, Wetlands and Migratory Birds helped sponser the 10th biennial Great Salt Lake Issues Forum on May 7-9, 2014 by providing travel support for keynote speaker Dr. Robert P. Clay, director of the Executive Office of the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network, and for Dr. Clemens Kuepper, Marie-Curie-Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Sheffield,…

Western Hemisphere Flyways Case Study

17 April 2014 Published in News & Events
The Western Hemisphere Flyways and Linking Communities, Wetlands, and Migratory Birds case study described here is an interesting approach to range–wide migratory bird conservation. Utah Kennecott Copper Company's investment in wetland restoration as part of an environmental offset requirement and company initiative was the genesis for an extensive conservation initiative…

Satellite Transmitters for American Avocets

14 March 2014 Published in News & Events
Funding provided by Kennecott through the Rio Tinto – BirdLife International Programme is providing critical information on the migration ecology of American Avocets. A total of 8 avocets were captured at Great Salt Lake during the breeding season and outfitted with satellite transmitters to track their use of the lake…

16th Annual Great Salt Lake Bird Festival

14 March 2014 Published in News & Events
The 16th Annual Great Salt Lake Bird Festival is happening May 15-19, 2014. There are field trips every day and workshops all day Saturday.  Linking Community partners will be leading some of the field trips and are active on the Bird Festival Committee in support of this great community activity.  Our…

Mexico & Canada Teachers will meet in Saskatchewan

14 March 2014 Published in News & Events
June 2014 Utah, Mexico and Canada teachers are getting together in Saskatchewan, Canada (June 7-9) for workshops. This is during the Chaplin Lake Shorebird Festival June 6-7, 2014. These workshops focus on ways to include important birds, migration, and conservation of the area into the classroom.

A Warm Welcome to our New WHSRN Director!

05 March 2014 Published in News & Events
The Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences has named Dr. Robert Clay as the new director of the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network (WHSRN)'s Executive Office.  Read the full annoucement >

Education Update from Mexico

17 September 2012 Published in News & Events
Hello my friends: I want to share with you the presentation from the meeting on September 8th, and also the agreements that we took. In the presentation you can see some of the pictures of the birds that we are going to observe and the activities that we are going…

Linking Wins Award

16 May 2012 Published in News & Events
“Linking Communities, Wetlands and Migratory Birds” received a prestigious award on March 19 for its bird conservation efforts. The Linking group was given a “2009 North American Bird Conservation Award” for its “unparalleled accomplishments in bird conservation at the local and international scale.” The award, given by members of the…

Linking Communities Gets a Big Boost from Rio Tinto and BirdLife International

16 May 2012 Published in News & Events
The Linking project has received a $70,000 grant from the Rio Tinto – BirdLife International Partnership Action Fund to support its tri-national efforts. The funding is part of a larger program that Rio Tinto-BirdLife is starting to advance range-wide bird conservation in the Western Hemisphere through local community action associated with…

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