Rio Tinto - BirdLife International Partnership in Utah

Mine-site WetlandsLinking Communities, Wetlands and Migratory Birds has become an important component of the partnership between Rio Tinto (parent company of Kennecott Utah Copper) and BirdLife International.  Linking's mission of conserving migratory birds through "linking" the communities and associated wetlands that migratory birds utilize during their life cycle is a main focus of the Rio Tinto - BirdLife International Partnership.  The goal of this partnership is to

Contribute to the cultivation of a healthy, constructive, and mutually beneficial relationaship between Rio Tinto and civil society stakeholders concerned about environmental protection and the conservation of biodiversity.

Rinto Tinto has committed itself to increasing biodiversity at its mining sites throughout the globe.  Developing and enhancing mitigation lands and wetlands such as Kennecott's Inland Sea and Shorebird Reserve is just one way that Rio Tinto and BirdLife International seek to have a Net Positive Impact on biodiversity.  Linking is involved in Rio Tinto's goal and you can read more about in this online brochure.

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