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Avian Conservation Research Exchange

  In 2007, Linking embarked on a higher education initiative with the goal of providing training opportunities and research experience for students interested in shorebird conservation.  This is particularly important for students from Mexico where opportunities and capacities are often limited.  This program began by a partnership between Weber State…

Great Salt Lake, a Key Link for Migrating Shorebirds

An approach for safeguarding shorebird populations Shorebirds are antsy, at least when I see them during the spring and summer migration periods along the seemingly barren mudflats of Great Salt Lake, Utah.  These birds never stop moving, constantly stitching the ground, probing for food.  And it isn’t just a couple…

About the Birds

To learn more about the birds living in these regions, please download the pdf documents below.

Rio Tinto - BirdLife International Partnership in Utah

Linking Communities, Wetlands and Migratory Birds has become an important component of the partnership between Rio Tinto (parent company of Kennecott Utah Copper) and BirdLife International.  Linking's mission of conserving migratory birds through "linking" the communities and associated wetlands that migratory birds utilize during their life cycle is a main focus…


Hutterites established colonies in the United States and Canada during the 1870s following expulsion and religious persecution in Europe.  Linking Community partners had a chance to visit a Hutterite school on their June 2014 visit to Chaplin, Saskatchewan.  Hutterites are communal people who practice principles of self-sustenance and non-resistance.  Learn…

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